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At Mentor 17, we closely assess all relevant aspects of our investments, design strategies to unlock new sources of advantage and support in bringing them to life.

This is because our capabilities come from our expertise in five specific areas:

  • Vision and Mission: Identifying and defining the organization’s mission, as well as a shared vision of the future, to form strategies and guide actions
  • Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management: Studying the business resume of corporate units and emerge strategies to increase result, grown and generate outcomes
  • Business Unit Strategy: Defining the path to sustainable advantages for a specific business unit
  • Strategic Planning: Alternating or completing transforming the ways for better productivity and sustainability
  • Future of Strategy: Applying new focus, tools and frameworks


PERCEPTION for us at Mentor 17 is a unique tool to success, as perception is the “New Reality”.

Our role together with the FOXX laboratorial philosophy, the Perception Rule, the Nothing Impossible Committee, the Bank of Ideas and the Think Big Theory is to “shape the perception that delivers the vote”.

  • We shape the perception of knowledge, of memory and of expectation
  • We shape the perception in a way that secures the public’s vote of endorsement
  • We shape the perception of knowledge by highlighting the elements that can shape our “own” story
  • We shape the perception of memory by reproducing the story to achieve maximum recall from targeted audience
  • We shape the perception of expectation by shaving the truth, initiating expected behaviour of our audience and educating attitude.

Think Big Theory

When you Think Big, Nothing is Impossible.

  • We have to keep walking to meet our targets
  • We have to focus on goals even if it is without listening to ourselves
  • When one says “I can not do it”
    We should believe it since
    “When there’s a will, there’s a way”
  • “When you think of little goals, you have to expect little achievements”
  • “When you think of Big goals, you can win Big success.”

That’s how us, the Mentor 17 Ambassadors think in our businesses! Think Big and you’ll live Big. You’ll live Big in Happiness, in Accomplishment, in Income, in Love, in Friends and in Respect.

Living the rapid developments that have happened all around the world in the last few years regarding the communication sphere, we believe that now is primarily more essential than ever to restate our position in the market place. It is vital to set our brand trend once again and reposition our promises for the things that we have done in the market place.

Public Affairs

Our team has practiced public affairs and communications in high stakes arenas in business, government and political campaigns at the state and national level.

We are the trusted communications team for leaders from a wide array of industries, including energy, defense, information technology and biotechnology, as well as Top 100 brands and trade associations.

Running a best-in-class PR campaign is more than pitching reporters. We provide a full suite of services, including strategic planning, media relations, writing & editing, media training, media monitoring and crisis communication.

Debate Prep

Through our experience, we have developed a specific approach to debate prep that we believe best prepares a candidate to win the toughest debates.

Our approach to both debate and speech prep is to shun gimmicks and concentrate on maximizing an individual’s unique strengths.

We know preparation and practice are key. We devise intensive programs to hone skills and issues.

Issue Advocacy

We work for causes and issues we believe in and can support with passion.

We believe it is critical to understand not only your side of the argument but the opposing argument as well.

More often than not, the day is carried or lost based upon your effectiveness in persuading those in the middle who are listening to both sides.

Often, your potential support will come from disparate groups who may share little more in common than their position on your issue.

We work to understanding the larger audience, distilling complex issues into messages that turn undecided into supporters.

We execute campaigns in the most effective and granular way so that we can reach people, regardless of what screen they are in front of, with a message that will resonate with them.

Media Training

Walking into a media interview unprepared is a needless risk.

We have conducted media training sessions for CEOs, elected officials and political candidates.

Each session is tailored to educate the client on how the press works, what journalists expect from their sources and how to successfully position themselves during a tough interview.

Clients also learn how different media channels -print, radio, television, digital media & social media- require different approaches from those being interviewed.

By session’s end, you will be ready to build trust and credibility with the public by handling each media interview with confidence and poise.


In an increasingly chaotic world with an ever-expanding number of message delivery systems, it is all the more critical that every message be a function of strategic execution.

In any situation, be it a campaign or a battle for public opinion on issues, there are factors beyond one’s control.

That makes it all the more important that messages have a persuasive combination of clarity and passion grounded in research and data.

It’s not enough to appeal to the heart or the brain; you must resonate with both to break through the clutter of contemporary life and your competition.

Storytelling Through  Advertising

Tell a compelling story.
Define a complex issue.
Contrast with an opponent.
All in thirty seconds
– less than eighty words.
Make it memorable.
Make it smart.
Make it make you feel something.
Make it move numbers.
That’s good advertising. 

We are storytellers, we tell the stories that change minds and win races. We are Screen Agnostic. Whether it’s TV, Cable, Satellite, Mobile, Online, Radio or other mediums
– we deliver the message where it will be the most effective.

We create ads that are effective on various channels.

We understand the way audiences interact on different screens (TV, mobile devices, web) and optimize creative and content for maximum impact and results.

Our team is committed to a constant state of learning and evolving our strategies. Digital, mobile, social and online programs, tools and tactics are always evolving and executing these aspects of a campaign requires diligence.

There’s no “set it and forget it” in advertising and messaging.

We are data driven and are always testing, measuring and optimizing.

Whether our goal is to amplify messages, ID and activate supporters or deliver communications, we can accomplish this through a variety of channels in the most effective and granular way.

Our Approach

We are storytellers, who tell the stories that change minds and win races.

We are Screen Agnostic.

Whether it’s TV, Cable, Satellite, Mobile, Online, Radio or other mediums

– we deliver the message where it will be the most effective.